New released movies from all streaming services in Denmark.

A Frozen Christmas Time in July

Little Foot 2

Naked Amazon

Naked Amazon (2023)
Action & Adventure 

The Fat Spy

The Halloween Family: Monster Showdown

Indestructible Man

Bahum Bug 2

Jurassic Planet: The Mighty Kingdom

Distant Tales

Christmas In July

Nobody's Angels

Goodnight Light

Bigfoot vs Megalodon

Turkey Day

Ghosts of the Isle of Wight

Everything But A Man

Mama and Papa Bear's Storytime

Final Girl Halloween

Phantom of the Cinema

Spirit and Truth: A Film About Worship

I Forgive

Darkstar: Terror at the Edge of Time

Bringing Back Christmas

Bringing Back Christmas (2023)

Apple TV+ (itu


Reggie: A Millennial Depression Comedy

Nozze d'inverno

Ritorno al Natale

Natale on air

Gold - La grande truffa

Il Natale del vero amore

L.A.P.D. Linea spezzata

Istinto Omicida

Unlucky Charms

Ravenwolf Towers: The Feature

Zombies vs Strippers

Conscient (Awake) (FR Dub)

Quitte moi ... si tu peux !

Black Friday!


Fabled (2023)

Call Time

Call Time (2023)

Amazon Prime

Outlaws Buckle

Outlaws Buckle (2023)

Amazon Prime

Little Bit Of Heaven, A

Outside Providence

The Mostly Serious History of Wine

The Mistress – Für immer vereint

Dug Up

Crete - Under the Grecian Sun, A Romantic Greek Culinary-Travel Journey

Wild Bill Hickok: Swift Justice


The Gundown

By Any Means

House of the Butcher 2

The Chosen

2012: Supernova

Apostel Petrus und das letzte Abendmahl

Paranormal Transmission

Who's Next?

Stadt des Grauens

The Channel - Ihr Tod ist nur der Anfang


Outpost: Auf verlorenem Posten

Die Braut die sich traut

Valley of Bones

Gap Weekend

The Drama Club

G.I. Jesus

Get All You Can

Aliens, UFOs and UAPs: Inside The Military Zone

The Magick of Solomon: Lemegeton Secrets Revealed

Ancient Secret to Happiness


You're All Gonna Die


Grindhouse (2023)
Action & Adventure 

Jeremy's Family Reunion

Unspoken Words

Will You Merry Me?

God Thinks You're a Loser

Green Eyes

Saints 2 Aints


Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation: The Blazing Bifrost

A Cold Hearted Christmas

Beyond Paranormal (Director's Cut)

Blacks & UFOs

Blacks & UFOs (2023)

Cirque Du Soleil 60-Minute Special: Luzia, O, Kurios

Black Limousine

The Women Of Brewster Place

The Hip-Hop Nucleus: A Documentary on the legendary Tunnel Nightclub of NYC

Roller Dreams

Danger God

Danger God (2023)

12 Years In Hell

The Conjuring House Experiments

Cowboys Of Cannabis

Ampire - The Sound of Music

Cool School Holiday Special

Cool School Halloween Special

Santa Goes West

Under The Sea 2

Little Santa

Zombies In The Antique Shop

The Christmas Bunny

Geisha Girl

Geisha Girl (2023)

Gadget Heads: Learn About Robots

Women of the Old West

Born Wild

Without Love

Lil' Yogis International Yoga Day

Twisted Tales of Inhuman Nature: The Cleansing

Fear The Creature


Sect (2023)

Filo: Part 1

Death Club

Falling Away

Falling Away (2023)
Action & Adventure 

Box Office Bargain Bin Presents: A Christmas Carol

August Falls

Swing: The Movie


Martingale (2023)
7.6Action & Adventure 

Tales of the Old West

When Country Meets The City

Shanghai Cobra

Pets 3

Pets 3 (2023)

Men of War

Men of War (2023)
Action & Adventure 

Noble Things

The Automat

Dave of the Dead: Deadly Delivery

Docks of New Orleans

Monster Class: Bigfoot vs the Giant Squid

Diego of the Dead

Kittie - Kittie: Origins/evolutions

Three Little Pigs Storytime

Shadows Over Chinatown

Watching Amber

Her Mamba Mentality


Witchmas (2023)

3 to 11

3 to 11 (2023)

The Golden Goose

Keep Your Distance Vol 5

Højst besynderlige typer
Højst besynderlige typer (2023)

Blockbuster +3

Ali (Spanish Sub)

Ali (ES Dub)


Crank (2023)
Action & Adventure 


Robocroc (2023)

Sherlock Holmes

3 from Hell

Ted Bundy - Il serial killer

American Buffalo

About Ray

A ceux qui nous ont offensés

La Voie de Psychonaut

Au coeur du Grand Canyon

Au coeur de l'Okavango

Le royaume de la baleine bleue

The First Wave

Cousteau : de l’homme à la légende

Kong - King of the Apes - The Adventure Begins

Vol miracle au-dessus de l'Hudson

Ghost Babe

Ghost Babe (2023)

Apple TV+ (itu

My Magic Dog

My Magic Dog (2023)
Action & Adventure 

Next Stop, Wonderland

Holy Rollers

Shades of Strike


Jack Live Matters

Alpha Rift

Chapter X

Apache County War

Apache County War (2023)
Action & Adventure 

Kidnapped – Wettlauf gegen die Zeit

Diamond Heist: Ein unmöglicher Auftrag

Surviving Amber Heard (The Feature Film Version)

The Magic of Heineken

Tarzan & Jane - Genesis

Tarzan & Jane - Genesis (2023)
5.4Action & Adventure 

Tarzan and Jane - Tale of Two Jungles


Healed (2023)

Bang Bang Betty, Valerie's Revenge


Lunamancer (2023)

Bayou Ghost Story

The Jealous Daughter

Air B&D

Two Faces of Horror

Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired

The Last Bumblebee

The Genius of Gianni Versace Alive


Porterville (2023)
7Action & Adventure 

Three Ages

Across The Line

Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation: Crystal of Light

Courtney Gets Possessed

For the Gram

Everybody Hates Christmas

Riding on Faith


Daydream Nation

The Choice

The Alan Bishop Xperience (Re-Shocked)

Caddie Woodlawn

Emperor of the Bronx

Emperor of the Bronx (2023)
Action & Adventure 

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