New released movies from all streaming services in Belgium.

Code Red: Diaries of Madness

Code Red: Diaries of Madness (2024)

Apple TV+ (itu

The Making of the Autobiography of a Celebrity Starring Boosie Badazz

My Brother's Wife


Bad Ass Sista

Bad Ass Sista (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Boiling Point

The Temp

The Temp (2024)

The Walk of Rufus 2: Theodis

What Brings Us Together

The Asbestos City

Left Behind: The Movie

Comeback Kids: A Middle School Basketball Story

She Came Back

In Plain Sight: The Intelligence Community and UFOs

After Antarctica


FOG (2024)

Saint Michael of the City

Saint Michael of the City (2024)
9.4Action & Adventure 

Rosetta Stoned


Youn'G (2024)
Action & Adventure 


Haunted by Her Name

Tales to Tell in the Dark

Girl in Red


Twelve (2024)

The Presence of Love

Road to Terzetto

Twain: Cancelled

Behind the Crime: Deadly Military Love Triangle

Breaking Tradition

Blood of My Blood

The Strategy

The Strategy (2024)
Action & Adventure 


You Like to Draw?

Nevermind the Knife

Judith X

My Little Sister's Wedding

Now Return Us to Normal

Historically Haunted: The Ghosts of Grand Midway

Love: 2020

Love: 2020 (2024)

Beaches Paved With Red - Amphibious Warfare WWII To Today

God of Heaven and Earth

Lucky My Entire Life: The Judah Hertz Story

Blood Predator

In a Sentimental Mood

The Alien Report

The Alien Report (2024)

Apple TV+ (itu

A Perfect Day for Caribou

Megamente Vs. O Sindicato da Perdição

A Most Atrocious Thing
A Most Atrocious Thing (2024)

Apple TV+ (itu

Night of the Skinwalkers

Foreclosure 2

This Cat Has Nine Lives: The Urban Myth of Bugzee Lix

Escape Room. Tödliche Spiele

Education Inc.

Dracula, Prisoner Of Frankenstein

The Bell Affair

VICE News Presents: When Black Women Go Missing

Prove Your Love

The Soviet Sleep Experiment

The Soviet Sleep Experiment (2024)

Apple TV+ (itu

Without Getting Killed or Caught

Dead 7

Jixavision 1

Dirty Thrity

The Seasons: Four Love Stories

Silent But Deadly

House of Lust

Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure

Eternal Theater

Jacob, Broken By God

Jacob, Broken By God (2024)

Flixfling +1

Die Sprache der Liebe

Cosmos - Signal aus dem All

Big Fur

Big Fur (2024)


Embodied (2024)

"The Encore" : The Return of I Died Trying


Move It! With Marikah

Babysitter Wanted

Switched at Love

Once Upon A Time In Philly PT 2

Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths

Reckless Summer

Julia Sweeney: Older & Wider

Llego Hoy

Mercy Rule

Nostalgia Funny Car Racing : Twig Zeigler

Ejd's Teen Dances : a Northwest Rock N' Roll Story

The 90s Club

The Great Hereafter

The Cute Cookie

Beyond The Peak

Guns of Modern Germany

UFO Whistleblowers: Aliens and The UAP Enigma Exposed

The Jewish Jail Lady and The Holy Thief

Rockie Lynne: Where I Belong

In Search of Bass Reeves

The Outrageous Sophie Tucker

Shockvalue: The Savage High Story

This Is Your Laugh

Famous Ghost Stories

Alien Abduction


Box Office Bargain Bin Presents Concrete Cowboys

Turn Out The Lights

I'm Good at Freaky

I'm Good at Freaky (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Dumbbells with Colin

What Are You Watching Too?


Sunset After Dark

Sunset After Dark (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Horus The Awakening

Getting Grace

The Other Side of Heaven: Fire of Faith


Weekend With Molly

Sex Pot

Brash Girls Club


At the Cross

Echo 8
Echo 8 (2024)

Apple TV+ (itu

Harmony Falls

It Wants Blood!

The Rebels of WWII

Functional Body Weight with James

Going to America

Badge of Honor

Modi: Know Your Audience

Letting Go of God

Father's Little Dividend: Trivia Edition

Dirty Love

Reina of the West

Half Shot at Sunrise


YO40 (2024)

Calling Bobcat


Breaking Olympia: The Phil Heath Story

Vinnie's Vantastic Rock and Roll Adventure

Outraged Fugitive

Outraged Fugitive (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Black Warrant - Tödlicher Auftrag

Der magische Zitronenbaum – Wenn Liebe glücklich macht

Cookie's Fortune - Aufruhr in Holly Springs

Rest Area 2

Judy Garland - Duets

The Devil's Heist

Illuminati Matrix: Arrival of the New World Order

Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate

The Throwback

Alien Mysterious: Pyramid Enigmas, Ancient Healing Powers and Illuminati Descendants

Top 20 UFO Encounters in Europe

Outlaws Don't Get Funerals

Hood Riches 2

Left on Red

Pressed for Love


Money Calling


Father May I

Last Call At Murray's

The God Plant 2: Legalized

Bigfoot in Ohio

History Storytellers: Gettysburg

Alone for Christmas

Alone for Christmas (2024)
Action & Adventure 

The Amityville Haunting

One from the Heart: Reprise

The DeMarco Crew
The DeMarco Crew (2024)
5.2Action & Adventure 

Grace To Forgive

Mega Python vs Gatoroid


Never Satisfied

Never Satisfied (2024)
Action & Adventure 

The Hunting

Shells of Men

Box Office Bargain Bin Presents: The Legend of Bigfoot

Sisters and the Shrink: Part 1

King of the Lost World

King of the Lost World (2024)
Action & Adventure 

The Seven Darks

Buster Keaton's adventures... In Color!

Church People


MILF (2024)

Haunting of Winchester House

Snakes on a Train

Snakes on a Train (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Falsity Chapter 2: 5 Stories of Betrayal

Same Boat


Untamed (2024)

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

Dracula's Curse

RiffTrax: The Brain from Planet Arous

Joe's War

Spite Marriage

Legion of the Dead

Few Options

Few Options (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Sorry/Not Sorry

Sorry/Not Sorry (2024)


Blue Hawaii

I Got You Forever

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